March marks two years since I first used AdSense. This has been a relatively good month, and if the trends it showed continue, then there’s hope for my own sites :)

  • Traffic: Traffic was at least higher than February. That is, the average pageviews per day is probably the highest it’s ever been, despite that my hired writers and myself posted less than intended.

  • AdSense: Finally, after two years of of using AdSense, I finally cracked AdSense’s $100 payout in only two months instead of three. (I’m estimating that by June or July, I’ll be meeting that level monthly.) I also cracked past my old record of number of clisk in a day - three times in March. Unfortunately, on a couple of sites, someone was click-happy and the payouts per click were sometimes tiny.
  • Chitika: I don’t even bother checking my Chitika anymore. If I earn something, great. If not, there’s no need wasting time checking.
  • ReviewMe: A few requests came in, though I didn’t write any of them. I pass them on to whichever writer is available. It’s not that I don’t ever want to, but rather that I have a few good reviewers and I felt better giving them the reviews - which pay better than the few bucks I pay per post.
  • Text-Link-Ads: TLA has been my steady performer. I can’t live off the amount, but it’s a nice supplement, now cracking past $400/m and slowly increasing. Every blog I’ve registered but one has at least one sponsor. I have a few other sites I’m working to improve in hopes of registering them. I’ve also been getting the $25 referral fee - one in March and one in February. Though I wish there was a way to tell which site the referral came from.
  • Affiliate programs: I have never made a cent from affiliate programs in the past two years, despite my efforts with Amazon. I’m still trying to learn the “art” of affiliate marketing and even have what I think will be a cool site - waiting in the wings - that gives lifestyle advice about products, gadgets, and services. However, in March, I received an email from one affiliate program saying that I’m owed $37.50. I put up a few Web CEO affiliate graphic buttons up on only a couple of sites in 2005. A long time to payoff, but I haven’t done anything extra to deserve. What I did do is link those few buttons to a full page ad elsewhere on my site for Web CEO, an SEO monitoring package. I used copy written by the company. Now I imagine if I’d blogged about the tool more often, that would increase the CTR of ads, and potentially the sales.
  • Site purchases: I’m still working on overhauling the small network I bought in Dec 2006. For the time being, I’ve only been buying a few strategic domains.
  • Contracts: Some of my bigger contracts are on hold. However, that means more time to build up my sites. I also now have several smaller projects, including a guest blogger position on a very high volume website. Because I’m allowed to change my bio for each article over 600 words that I write, it’ll help build my brand and any sites linked to in the bio. This sort of activity is very important if you are planning to be a contract writer. Always stay busy. When paying contracts disappear - and they will at times - do what you can to promote yourself.

I’m crossing my fingers that March’s trends for my sites continues. I also tend to be more productive in Spring and Summer than in Winter, so that should bode well.