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Monday, November 21, 2005

Google Analytics Accounts Go Beyond Capacity of Servers

Google probably never realized how in-demand web analytics services would be, especially a free one. For a week now, I've been frustratedly waiting for one of my two Google Analytics web profiles to show some stats, to no avail. One profile does show stats, but they take a few days to show.

When Google is able to get the server horsepower they need to let people add more profiles (and for new people to signup), the value of the service will be immeasurable. With the trickle of stats I've been getting, I've already learned a fair bit more than I've been able to get from other free services such as and (MapStats) - both of which I like and use regularly.

It's to be seen whether or not Google Analytics will put other web analytics/tracking services out of business. I always prefer diversity of choice over monopoly - and Google is far from being a monopolistic force. Go see "Google Analytics stops at 234,725 accounts" on for a more detailed article about the temporary disabling of the signup feature.

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